Have you ever been told to turn the volume down on the amplifier? Or told Music is a waste of time n will never help u realise ur dreams? Or been shouted at by nosy neighbours who think Music kills? If ur answer was yes to any of those questions and wanted to break free, then your time has come. We will let u play your heart out n nurture your musical dreams. Welcome to DYVe – Bangalore’s premier Rehearsal Studio/Learning Center with State of the Art equipment and ambience located in the heart of the city. DYVe was founded primarily to address the Gen Y’s need for a place where they can be as free as possible and as close as possible to their pursuit of Music. DYVe features a fantabulous Rehearsal Studio. Our specs go something like this –

* Olympic Premier Drum Kit with cymbals
* Peavey Valveking 112 Tube Amplifier
* Fender Mustang III Solid-state Modelling Amplifier
* Ampeg BA 115 Bass Amplifier
* Peavey KB4 keyboard Amplifer
* Mackie Thump speakers
* Mackie PRO FX Mixer
* Audio Technica mics
* Air-Conditioned
* Soundproofed
* UPS backed so no more Power Cuts bothering u

144/A, Lower Agaram Rd, Vannarpet Layout, Viveka Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka
Bangalore, India

Call 081054 49086


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