“A spanking new jamming studio for passionate Musicians, Artists and Bands both professionals and amateurs. The studio is available for Jamming, Rehearsing, Recording and Video/ Photo shoots. Bands also have an option of recording their sessions for reference, to ensure none of their finest musical moments slip away. The venue provides a totally soundproof studio environment with air conditioning and an area of solace to relax and recoup. It also provides a pristine and serene atmosphere conducive to compose and rehearse your musical talents.

The studio is equipped with a 5 Piece Mapex Drum Kit and a Yamaha MG 166 cx (16 channel mixer with built in FX) and an output on monitors of up to 2000 PMPO. One can also have the pleasure of playing an assortment of musical instruments such as Accordian, Keyboard, Electric Mandolin, Electric Guitar, Electric Banjo (Bul-Bul Tara), Mouth Organ and a variety of Flutes all of which can be easily hired as required. The studio can also be booked online in advance to avoid queueing.”


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