Nathaniel Jams


Nathaniel Jams is quite simply the best rehearsal deal in town! Record every lick, beat and those oh-so-precious lyrical outbursts with our free two track recordings of your entire jam session. The 32 channel digital mixer can cater to every kind of band, from simple acoustic setups all the way up to choral and orchestral outfits and everything in between. Our setup allows you to fine tune your sound, and provides personal monitors for each instrument if you need them. High wattage PA’s enable you to hear your music just as it would sound live, so setting patches for the stage becomes a breeze. High quality drum kits and digital pianos are provided to make you sound your best. Ample soundproofing, excellent acoustic treatment, a quick setup and our range of studio-grade equipment and multitrack recording options optimizes your time at Nathaniel Jams to get your band rocking at its hardest!!

No 10, Berlie Street Cross Road, Langford Town
Bangalore, India
Price : Rs500 / Hr

Call 09535193436- Dilip


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