Pickle Practice Pad-P3-Malad

The Pickle Practice Pad (P3) is a 24 x 7 Jam Room.
Located in the heart of the suburbs, Malad, P3 has placed itself in one of your favorite hot-spots, Mindspace.
The Gear:
Egnater Tweaker 88 all tube head paired with an
Egnater Tourmaster 212x Cabinet
Hartke GT-100 Hybrid Tube Guitar Amp Head
Paired with a 4×12 cabinet from Laney,
EBS Reidmar 250 Bass Head with
EBS Proline 2×10 Cabinet
Tama Imperial Star Drum kit with Iron Cobra 200p Single Pedal
Meinl Hcs/Mcs or Sabian SBR Cymbals
Active Peavey 850watts Monitors for Vocals and Keyboards
Yamaha 124cx Mixer with 6 XLR ins, 2 Stereo Line ins and built in FX
Samson/Shure/Sennheiser basic Microphones
Highlights info row image097698 63331
Rs. 300/hr (Upto 3 hr bookings)
Rs. 250/hr (4 hrs and above)


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