SOS Jam Pad


SOS Jam Pad is an earthly home for all the soulful artists, located in South Delhi. It has been created for those who don’t only whim to make noise but believe in bringing their aspirations into reality.

It is powered with incredible JBL EON SERIES Active PA System, Randall RX75RG2 electric guitar combo, Randall RX75BM kick back combo & Peavey Bandit 112 amp which makes the amp family supreme. And If you’re looking for reverb, delay, and modulation effects that can give your sound a serious lift, take a fine look at our Yamaha REV100 Digital Reverberator.
Another space saver simply high on performance Tapco MIX 260FX 12 channel mixer has not just one or two, but 256 high quality 20-bit digital presets, including a variety of clean sounding reverbs, delays, chorus, flange, tremolo and rotary effects.
MAPEX Drums with MEINL HCS, Sabian B8 & Paiste cymbals set-up adds an unbeatable value.
And to fine tune the entire PA System….
It has dbx DriveRack 260 EQ & Loudspeaker Control System with Graphic and Parametric EQ, Compressor, Advanced Feedback Supression, and Subharmonic Synthesizer

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