Buying a perfect Bass Guitar for Beginner to Pro

In this article we’ll talk about the essentials of selecting a bass guitar. Here you’ll learn about the different parts of the electric bass, its electronics, different body types and much more.
The bass guitar holds the sound and add melody to the rhythm in every music genre.
So, lets us know about few bass basics when choosing an instrument for the first time.

Purpose and Budget for Buying
A bass guitar is found in very different quality and price, so before buying your guitar, determine how much you want to spend.
For the beginners, who are unsure of their talent or dedication to learning, there are so many starter basses available.

Construction of a Bass Guitar and its Design
Before shopping it’s important to havr very good knowledge of basic parts of the bass guitar. It’s also important to understand how the instrument is designed and built. There are following different parts of a simple bass guitar.
⦁ Neck
⦁ Headstock
⦁ Fretboard
⦁ Truss Rod
⦁ Types of Bass Necks
i. Bolt-on neck
ii. Set neck
iii. Thru-body neck

Scale lengths of Bass
Simply scale is the length between the nut and the bridge. The most common length of scale is 34″. You can found small scale basses also such as the Gibson EBO, It is around 30″. These basses will help to younger players with small hands.

Body types of Electric Bass
The most common body type is the Solidbody. These are better instrument and their body is made up of wood. In lower price the body will be made up of softer wood or laminated wood piles.

Bass Bridges
The strings of a bass guitar terminates at the bridge. There are three different types of bridge on most common electric bass guitars.
⦁ Through- bridge
⦁ String-through body
⦁ Bridge and tailpiece combination

How Many Strings Do Dou Want?
Four-String Bass Guitars
Most guitars have generally four strings and beginners should start with a four-string bass. These basses are suitable for most of the musical styles, and neck of this kind of guitars are smaller than the guitars having five strings.
Five- and Six-String Bass Guitars
In this type of guitars lower B string is added, and this gives the deeper range to this guitar. Neck of this guitar is wider than the previous one, this makes it harder to play.

So at Last Which Bass Guitar is Right for Me?
These are some tips to buy your guitar first time:
⦁ Go through the best guitar you can afford to buy. A good guitar will make you to learn easily.
⦁ If you are young enough then choose a short-scale bass.
⦁ You are beginner so, you should buy 4-string bass.
⦁ At last choose a guitar that you like, choose the colour, its shape that you like because a cool-bass will direct you to play more and more.

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