Composed a new song, What to do next?

While finishing your song has its own win,but there are some task to do if you are hoping for big, just stay organized and generate income with your song.These are six things to do when Your song is Composed

1. Complete your Lyric Sheet. A well shaped and accurate sheet is a great way to start once you have composed your song. Put all the information about your new song on this sheet. At the bottom of this page write down D.O.C(date of creation), name of writer and other publishing informations. In this way when you want necessary information, it’s all in one place.

2. Create The Rough Recording. Now your song is composed and you are going to need a simple recording that contains it’s melody, chord changes and it’s lyric. This will prevent you from forgetting how your song goes. This recording will also act as a reference for the vocalist.

3. Prepare for a Demo. If you want to bring your song to next level, then you have to further invest your time and money. Create a professional Demo for your song and present to the music industry for it’s serious consideration.

4. Make a Backup. Since you have give your precious time and investment to your song, it’s really priceless. Any time hard drive of your computer may fail and you may lose your all data. So you must learn how to prepare backup of your computer to a separate drive or to cloud.

5. Pitch Your Song. It looks obvious but once you have finished your demo of the song, not its time to show it to people. It’s surprising to me how some writers draw effort to get their work out there. There are so many reasons. First thing it is work, At this point of time, There is nothing like that having a product and watching who is interested in buying. But as you know you are running business and you need it to be done.

6. Check out the packages from share your music with bandadda team. They will try every best possible way to make your music Big

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