KASCK is Thrash-metal band based in Pune, India. Originally started by Vocalist Guitarist Mayank Katare in 2015. Their inspiration comes from both Old school as well as Modern metal, hence making it a jam for a vast audience.
Having released their debut single “Deal with the Devil” in Oct ’20, Kasck has now released “Death to the Crooked” on the 4th of July- which is not only their second song, but also a Music video! “Death to the Crooked” is a straightforward Thrash metal song- fast, heavy and aggressive and vocal about everything wrong with the current authoritative system and the society.
“Death to the Crooked” Music Video is available on Youtube. You can stream the song on all the major streaming platforms. You can also buy the track on Bandcamp. Both of these songs, will be a part of our EP releasing later this year. The EP will be called “Deal with the Devil”. Here is the link to the video. Trust us you cannot miss this !

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