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Kill The King Unleashes Thunderous Debut Album

Hailing from Pune and Siliguri, the Indian thrash metal sensation, Kill The King, is gearing up to drop their much-anticipated self-titled debut album on November 3, 2023.

The inception of Kill The King traces back to 2016 when guitarists Aditya Swaminathan (known for his work in Gutslit and Demonic Resurrection) and Rishikesh Dharap joined forces, igniting a creative spark that would ultimately set the band in motion. The duo wasted no time in crafting their unique sound, and soon they were on the hunt for additional members to complete the ensemble. By 2021, Kill The King had found its final lineup, welcoming Saurabh Lodha on bass, Akarsh Singh on drums, and Pritam Adhikary as the commanding vocal presence. The band didn’t waste a moment, dropping two electrifying singles that year, which sent shockwaves through the Indian metal scene. Their music quickly became a staple at live shows across the country, establishing them as a formidable force in the scene. A bit further down the road, Rahul Singh took the reins as the band’s drummer.


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Kill The King’s self-titled debut album embodies the band’s overarching philosophy, from their lyrics to their very name: to confront and challenge injustice and oppression in all its forms. In this context, the “king” in Kill The King symbolizes oppressive forces within society. Their album’s lyrics are a passionate outcry for the victims of oppression and those who dare to fight back. Over the course of nine searing thrash metal tracks, Kill The King takes an unapologetic stance against the issues that corrode society, while simultaneously encouraging resilience and resistance.

In a country often shackled by conformity, Kill The King fearlessly confronts the controversial and unsettling truths that many choose to ignore. They unflinchingly address the hate and violence experienced by marginalized groups, including transgender and homosexual individuals. The band also fearlessly exposes the manipulative tactics of leadership and societal injustice while delving deep into the corrosive influence of money. Governance, deception, and inequality are addressed fervently, and the band ventures into the misuse of culture as a tool for division and control. They do not shy away from addressing the unrelenting cycle of mistreatment, whether it’s perpetuated by family, societal systems, or those in power. This compelling musical journey also paints a chilling portrait of a nation’s decline.

With relentless, fast-paced guitars, gut-wrenching drums, thumping bass lines, and powerful soaring vocals, this album serves as a rallying cry to rise against injustice and reshape the world we live in.

Band Lineup:

  • Aditya Swaminathan: Guitars
  • Rishikesh Dharap: Guitars
  • Rahul Singh: Drums
  • Pritam Adhikary: Vocals
  • Saurabh Lodha: Bass


  • Music Written & Produced by Kill The King
  • Mixed & Mastered by Saurabh Lodha at Gray Spark Audio
  • Lyrics by Aditya Swaminathan & Rishikesh Dharap
  • Cover Artwork by Shodhan Karkera
  • Band Logo & Layout Design by Jetpax Agency (Kolkata, India)
  • Band Photos by Abhishek Gunaratnam

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