History and music Scenario of Goa today

Goa is the smallest state of India lying on the southwest coast. The state has beautiful beaches, churches and is very famous for its music. Since the state was a former territory of Portugal it is dominant in the Western musical scene. However classical musical as well as Konkani Music is quite famous in Goa. Over the years a lot of prominent singers and musicians have been produced in the state. Some of the prominent names include Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhosle, Remo Fernandes and many more.

Traditional Goan music

In Goa, Konkani songs go back a long time before the Portuguese seized Goa. The tribals and the locals used to sing these songs on a festive as well as sad occasions. These Songs include.

  • Mando- The song may include issues relating to politics, love stories to social injustices and so on.
  • Dhalo- Which is a wedding song
  • Banvarh- This song is sung by Hindus on the day of cremation.
  • Fughri- It is a religious dance.
  • Dulpod- This typically depicts everyday Goan life through its lyrics and dance.
  • Kunbi dance/song- This is sung and danced by Gaudde (oldest inhabitants of Goa).
  • Duallo- This is a pregnancy song
  • Zagor- the Song depicts the lives of kunbis.
  • Zoti- This is sung during the nuptials.

Over the years these traditional music has slowly died out. Until now when people want these old traditions to reignite and display it to others.

Western Music

Goa was part of Portugal for over 450 years and have strong links to Western music. At Catholic weddings, live bands are a big feature. The blend of Goan music with Western music is such that many musical instruments like violin, drums, guitar and so on along with notes. Another major part player of the Western scene is the Tiatr, which is like a musical event and is very popular in the state.

Nightlife and Edm festivals

Goa is a tourist destination and generates a lot of its capital through the industry. Over the years clubbing and nightlife have become an important scene in Goa. With Sunburn and major events happening in the state. There are many areas for clubbing in the state namely Sinq, Showbar being some of them


A major change in the scene of Goa is the emergence of many bands. May it be wedding bands or rock bands. Recently one-man band, two-man bands have also started performing in the state. The wedding season (November- May) is the time when most of these bands are in demand.

Music Teachers

A major scene in the music industry in Goa is teaching music. The most queries Goans have are “do you know if somebody teaches the violin, keyboard, guitar”. Slowly and steadily, music schools have started emerging in the state. These schools teach about music theory as well as practical. The Government is also hiring maestros to teach children in Government schools on a weekly basis. There are also DJ courses and sound engineering courses, which various institutions have started as the demand for learning is increasing.


With the support of the Government and various favourable factors, the music scene in Goa is growing day by day.








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