6 Recent Indian Releases That You Need To Listen To Today!

India holds a massive music scene, there is no doubt regarding it. Be it pop, rock, punk, metal, or hip-hop; there are tons of Indian artists who release albums every year. But the sad part is that most of them are lost under the heavy international cats who rule the industry.

So, this one’s for them! Let go of your Kendrick Lamars and your Megadeths, and dive into some Indian releases that are perhaps not given their due. Not only will this list provide you with a solid playlist for various moods, but it will also give you a good understanding of how rich the Indian music scene really is.

Keep in mind that this list is dedicated to artists who are rather unheard of in the industry. So while bands like Parikrama and Gutslit are also releasing great music, they will not be featured here. With that said, here are 6 recent Indian releases that will make a fine addition to your playlist.

  1. Death By Fungi – Die In Bombay (2019)

Genre: Hardcore Punk

DBF are no newcomers to the scene. They have been ruling the ‘Bombay Hardcore’ scene for quite a while now alongside other punk heavyweights such as Riot Peddlers and False Flag. And the sophomore release, ‘Die In Bombay’, is a perfect example of their ferocious sound and highly critical lyricism. Inspired by bands such as Black Flag, Converge, and Propagandhi, Death By Fungi should be your perfect entry point to the punk scene of India.

Listen to it here – https://deathbyfungi.bandcamp.com/album/die-in-bombay

  1. Smokey The Ghost – The Human Form (2019)

Genre: Hip Hop/Rap

If you thought Indian hip-hop meant the Punjabi crap that gets played on MTV then it’s time to think again! Because the recent release from Smokey The Ghost, commonly known as just Smokey, is a perfect blend of old school hip hop, new age techno beats, and mind blowing lyricism. With topics ranging from the socio-political condition of the country, self-reflection, to simple dope songs; The Human Form is an album you will have on repeat for days.

Listen to it here – https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLOnYXjkuD991gYvUiRAB9p4TCTUPfQqG0

  1. Orchid – Miasma

Genre: Mathcore/Progressive Metal

Listen to it here – https://maneatingorchid.bandcamp.com/album/miasma

Orchid has been active since 2011 and is a well-known name in the Bangalore music scene. Bringing together a flurry of sounds that range from mathcore, prog rock, psychedelic rock, and noise; their latest and sophomore release ‘Miasma’ is a heavyweight banger with some of the most intense yet dreamy passages that holds the listener’s concentration at all times. If they happen to hit your city anytime soon be sure to catch them live because they are known for their abrasive live shows as well.

  1. Lo! Peninsula – ST (2018)

Genre: Dream Pop/Shoegaze/Pyschedelic Rock

India has a bustling shoegaze scene that is just starting to break out of its dormant popularity. So, if you are not on that train yet then the self-titled album by Lo! Peninsula will be the perfect entry into the genre. This psychedelic trio from Imphal believes in the DIY ideology of music and it is quite well reflected in their debut. If you are looking for moody soundscapes to get lost to, this will be the perfect soundtrack for days.

Listen to it here – https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=OLAK5uy_mr9tgZGA_BxpCmBQDZAdAB_ZIhHTIYd9Q

  1. In Human – Evocation (2018)

Genre: Progressive Death Metal

One of the oldest metal bands from Kolkata, In Human bows at the altars of progressive death metal giants such as Death and Cynic. With Evocation they provide a fresh take on the genre that is aggressive yet masterfully crafted. Bringing together a combination super-fast riffy passages and clean tonal variations, Evocation is a must listen for metalheads across the country. And if you are looking for metal bands who like to step out of the 4/4 groove, here’s the perfect record.

Listen to it here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sa4Jd2zPknA

  1. The Siege – Bubblecars (2019)

Genre: Hip Hop/Rap

If you thought gully boy brought regional language hip hop to the forefront get ready to have your mind blown. The Siege is nothing short of a lyrical genius whose music is highly relevant and catchy. While it may not sound like anything absolutely new at first, the album holds ground in breakthrough lyricism and rhyme scales that can tip your brain sideways. Let this be your journey into the gems of the Indian hip hop underground.

Listen to the single here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2krji_bzKlc

That’s it for now, but make sure to check back for a round 2 of this article soon as we bring you 6 more fresh artists from the Indian music scene. Step outside of your radio and your MTV and embrace the indie underground where only the music matters. And don’t forget to share it with your pals and help the underground music movement grow!

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