How to buy the best Guitars for Beginners

Have you recently started taking classes for guitar? and would like to buy your very own instrument? But have no idea what to look out for? Then we are here to help you. If you are a beginner looking to buy a guitar, it is quite essential to buy the guitar which suits your needs. It shouldn’t be too expensive at the same time not too cheap and emit a bad sound.


Guitars can be classified into 3 types 

  1. Nylon strings classical guitar
  2. Acoustic guitars fitted with steel strings
  3. Electric guitar

For beginners, the acoustic guitar with steel strings is the best choice. These steel strings produce a beautiful tone and are priced fairly low. The nylon strings guitars are however comfortable to play for beginners (the strings are soft). Don’t even go for an electric guitar as the sound output can be amplified.

Factors in selecting a guitar

Price Range

As mentioned earlier your first guitar shouldn’t be too expensive at the same time not too cheap. Tip- Go for guitars at a price range of Rs 5,000- 8,000.


The better your strings the better will be your sound and less they will break. But for a beginner all this is not essential he can stick to the strings he gets with the guitar.

Size and structure

A guitar can be either full size, medium-size or small size. Selecting the right size helps you with your comfort level. The structure of the guitar can be the wood that the guitar is made of. If you didn’t know the quality of the wood also plays a role in determining the sound produced. However, a beginner should not bother much about the structure of the instrument.

Guitar Action

Guitar action or action is the height of the strings from the board. More the height more pressure one has to apply so that the strings vibrate. Select a guitar that is not high or low.

Buy your guitar in a store

It would be advisable to buy your first guitar in a store. You can physically check it  yourself for your comfort and avoid any fraud from online niches.

Here is a list of few guitars which we think are the best fits for you

Juarez JRZ38C Acoustic Guitar

This guitar has a great look and efficient design. This is a good guitar if you aren’t going to spend much on your first guitar. It is priced around Rs.1,900-2,200. You can also play all genres of music on it. However, it is not a long-lasting product and its action is a little higher than required.

Intern INT-38C Acoustic Guitar

This guitar weighs around 2.1 kg and is the best weight for a beginner. But it is not long-lasting like the previous one, so try for a little expensive one.

If you are low on budget then these 2 guitars are best in their range.

Yamaha F310 Acoustic Guitar

This is the best value for money guitar for a beginner. It starts at Rs. 7,500 and can last up to 10 years with proper maintenance. It produces a good sound and is ideal for strumming.

Kadence Fronteir Series Semi-Acoustic Guitar

This is a semi-acoustic guitar priced in the range of Rs 5,400. It comprises of an equalizer and pickup. It can be comfortably played either sitting or standing. This is, however, the lowest among the Kandence guitar range.

Classical Guitar Yamaha C 40

This is one of the cheapest classical guitars available in the market. It starts at Rs. 7,000. It sounds good and has a solid build standing up to Yamaha’s standards. It is however made up of laminated wood.


While buying a guitar consider the price, comfortability, and quality of the guitar before taking any step. Also, make sure the product is in good condition. After all, this gets set ready strum.








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