Challenges faced by an Indian musician

Life is full of challenges. In every field if one wants to be successful then he had to face challenges. Similarly in field of music one has to do a lot of struggle to become successful. Amount of challenges that has to be faced depends on an individual only. For example- there is a person who knows how to write a song, how to compose it, how to make music and how to mix-master then what he has to look out for is only studio to record his song and recording a song is not a big problem these days as there are many studios that helps one in recording a song and charge some rent for it.
Then there is another case if person only knows how to write a song and does not know about producing music or mix mastering then person has to spend more amount of money to get that services.

Now the next challenge for the person is where to release a song. If person is signed to a label then it will be very easy for him to release a song. But if he is not signed then to release a song from label can cost huge for a person. So in this case what to do. Well our suggestion is that if one is having some amazing talent then he should release his song on Youtube as an individual artists. Now days many individual artists are coming into news like Emiway Bantai, Fotty seven, Naezy and many other.

Now the thing is that challenges are not only faced by new comers some challenges are also faced by established musicians also. They mainly faces challenge of how to keep their success consistent. Every musician should know that how they have to keep their audience happy.

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