Making a career in Indian music Industry

India is a developing country and a hub of music in the world. The Indian Music industry is the second oldest music industry, which protects copyrights and rights of artists in the world. The growth of the music industry is increasing steadily and in the year 2018, it suddenly rose up by 24.5% getting India into the top 15 music industries around the globe.

With the music industry on the rise, how can one make a living out of this industry? Here are a few tips and tricks

Have Goals and plans

Before starting anything, one should have a result in mind. Research well in advance and try and take advice from people in the industry. Once you are set on your goals make sure you nail it. It may sometimes take a longer time to realize your goals and aspirations than you thought so having a day job at this time is quite essential.

Consider music as your new business

After setting up your goals start understanding that your music will be your new business. Start identifying your target audience, develop marketing strategies and build a team to help you out.

Try and improve on your music and release new music all the time

The most important thing is to keep on practicing and improving yourself and perfecting your craft and music. This alone will not promote you, you need to produce, release new music all the time otherwise you will be forgotten faster than you rose up.

Find gigs

If it’s a small show for 50 people or a show for 10,000 people you need to lock onto all the chances you get to perform in front of an audience. This will help increase your confidence at the same time will give provide valuable feedback from the audience. In short, this will either break or make your career.


Establish an online presence and communicate with society

Everybody today has a smartphone, tablet and social media is a big phenomenon that you can use to promote yourself as an artist. Make sure you have a clean and professional website that stands out from others. Getting registered for a domain name (same as your username) is also essential during this stage.

Check music copyrights

Be well aware of all the copyright acts. Make sure your music has copyright so that your work is not used by others without permission and without giving due credit.

Sale of music online, royalties on your business

Since you already established your presence online start selling music copies, Cd’s online at the same time you can start levying royalties on your works which are patented.

Ghost productions

If you have the talent but nothing works than ghost producing is a good option. You will not get all the accolades for your works but you will get well paid and have a few contacts. Slowly and eventually, these contacts will help you ignite your career.

Invest in yourself

Like any other business, you need to invest some money and time to make it work the same thing implies here. Whether it is setting up a website, getting your own merch designed or arranging transportation for your gigs.

Hopefully, you get an idea as to how you can set up a career in the musical industry reading this blog post. So get out of your bed and start pursuing your dreams.

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